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1 Sample Library on Multiple computers

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Am I able to download the logic pro x sample library on one hard drive and use it on multiple computers running logic pro x and Main stage?


ex. iMac for home use and MacBook pro for mobile recording/performing using the same hard drive.

Logic 10.4.6

OS 10.13.6

Macbook Pro

2.5 GHz Intel Core i7


Motu 896HD

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It’s possible but Logic experts all seem to say the difficulties of maintaining it working are too much. I seem to recall a thread on SOS’s Mac forum about it recently [within the last 6 months I think].

27" iMac Pro 1.1 8 core 64 GB 1 Tb SSD with 27" Apple Thunderbolt display | MacOS Catalina 10.15.7, Logic X 10.6.1 | 4 TB G-RAID via Thunderbolt Display and 4 TB TBolt HDD Timemachine only, | RME UFX via Firewire to Thunderbolt Display, | MOTU MIDI express XT to USB, Seaboard 25 via BT or USB | Roland AT45, Kurzweil PC3X, Arturia MatrixBrute, 12Step & BCF2000 via MOTU’s MIDI | PC3X, MatrixBrute, 12Step and BCF2000 occasionally via USB.

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