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Next Generation Photoshop like tools.


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It would be nice if Logic had some 'higher order' tools. Like in 'The Expanse' they use small tugboat drones. Hundreds of them come out and surround the larger ship and all work in co-ordination. Not a large group of pilots individually flying these drones. It's something like 'swarm computing'. similar to a flock of birds that see to move as one.


I've played around with Cognitone's Synfire. He approaches music creation more along those lines, but he come from such an obtuse point of view. You can't really approach it like a DAW. Some tools that meet halfway, the Synfire Approach - the the old fashion DAW approach.


What I would LOVE to see in Logic, are some tools similar to photoshop. Like there brush, that with each swipe, lessons the color intensity.

I'd like to see a velocity tool, similar to a brush, you would hold mouse button down and swipe on individual notes, each note would lesson velocity a tiny bit. repeated swipes would make give stronger results. Another tool similar would change durations, another event starts, these would be extremely subtle, connected to a quantize/swing factor,

That process is somewhat available with strength and swing, just the brush would let you quickly pick certain notes or areas of notes, not just a supposition or a cert velocity range.


After many years of Logic, I am really discovering, that a lot of subtle techiniques are very useful. It is quite painstaking at this point,


It would be nice if MIDI transform could string several commands together, select sub position 4And, would be oversight shortened, strong beats slightly longer, louder, brighter.


Logic desperately needs a chord track You could set logic to look at the chord track, and a scale track. Have it take those into consideration when working on parts. If you played a 'blue' note, you could specify logic allow a certain amount of them, but they shorten duration, lower velocity, Power position notes could have a bit more velocity to them, a slightly longer duration


Lately I've been getting into creating 'underpinning tracks', tracks meant to be substantially softer, but there, more of a pad like, they sit under a lead motif, and creat an audio smear;, like reverb is sometimes used to do.


I can't remember if many years back, at a name show I saw a DAW that did some of this..


Is any of this possible in Scripts?......The Scripting session, just looks like Latin to me.. I don't know where to begin with it.


If any of this can be done with scripts, what is a primer website or book to get one started.

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