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Show "Recently Used" in the Send/Bus Menu and Select Multiple Sends

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It would be great to have a list of the last 5 or 10 used sends show up when looking through the menu on a channel strip.


I have multiple Aux tracks set up with all sorts of different FX chains in my default Logic template. Also, I usually add new Aux tracks multiple times throughout working on different projects. Originally I had my most used Sends set as 1-15/20 within the menu, but, unfortunately, I work with more than 15-20 (sometimes 15-25 additional by the end of a project).


I also like to Sum different instruments as a group and various subgroups within those groups (all drums, just percussion, background elements, keyboards, leads, BG vocals, all instruments, FX elements etc.) To maintain a method to the madness, I try to keep each group and all of its related subgroups within a range of 10 Sends (20-29, 30-39, etc), or 20 sends if the number of groups and subgroups surpasses 10. This helps me stay organized when there are so many different groupings within a single project.


There may be something I'm missing and maybe I'm doing something inefficiently, therefore, making my workflow unnecessarily difficult. However, I think that having a "Recently Used" menu (or list) show when bringing up the "Sends" menu would be extremely helpful and expedite the process of me sending multiple tracks to multiple Aux channels.


I do realize that you can select multiple tracks and assign them a Send destination and level simultaneously, and this is helpful, but for me, it's not enough by itself.


*Additional Feature*

It would be AMAZING if we could select multiple Sends within the Send selection menu instead of just one. Reopening the Sends menu can become a pain if your workflow involves constant use of sends.


I tried finding a workout around for this feature by saving "As performance" and "Channel Strip Setting as" with the Sends I have set up in my default project template. However, upon loading the Performance or Channel Strip setting, everything except the Sends were loaded. This is the only thing I was able to think of for a work around. I don't think having the sends pre-enabled in a default template would be ideal. It would be somewhat restrictive in creative thinking and would cause me to get stuck in the same old patterns (I did try this briefly and was not a fan).



I apologize for the wall of text but wanted to be as thorough as possible, and preemptively answer any questions or suggestions someone might have.



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I didn't even think of that. That's exactly what I would need for certain things in my workflow. Thank you for the tip!


However, I do think the addition of a "Recent" submenu would be helpful!


By the way....



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