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Save time in "Cycle"


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Thought this might be of use:


In your Autoload song, create a track at the very top of the Arrange designated as "No Output".


Name it, "Cycle Set 1"


Write a region initially to the usual song length you start with. (I use 64 bars)


Now, when you have been editing a small region, and have set cycle to repeat for your editing, you can flip quickly to cycle the whole song by clicking in your Cycle Set 1 region and hitting "=".


You can, obviously, have as as many of these as you like, to represent verse, chorus, bridge etc etc etc, and name them.


Beats markers any day.



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Beats markers any day


You think so? With markers, all you have to do is first create your markers for each section of the song. Then if you want to cycle, say, the verse, all you have to do is grab the verse marker and drag it in the upper 2/3 of the bar ruler!


At least for sections of the song, like verse, bridge and so forth, I still think markers are easier... 8)

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I tried using markers first of all (well, I would, being ex-Cubase, wouldn't I ? !)


Then I hit on this other method. Allows unambigous placing of different cycle loops while still allowing them to share a common start point. I know you can do this using the marker list, but the marker list in Logic is the same as in Cubase - ie: a bloody nuisance !


Just offered as an alternative idea.

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Here's another one I love and use hundreds of times a day....


Assign key command 'set locators to selection and cycle play'


This way when you select a region or group of regions the locators are set

and cycled and played with one keystroke. Gold!

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I would like to have this key com but I don't see it in the key coms window. The closest thing I've got is Set Locators and Play, the other ones all involve markers. It works almost the same but you have to previously engaged cycle. Is that the way it's supposed to work or Is there another name for 'set locators to selection and cycle play' ?
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