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Ultrabeat problem...can anyone help??


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After 2 weeks im still struggling with ultrabeat.....When i try and load my own drum sounds through the load sample option at the bottom i can load my sounds and they sound fine when i preview them but when i preview them with 'Ultrabeat voice' selection on they distort stupidly and go from a meaty kick drum to a tin pot.....I know this is becuase they are going to have pre loaded syhtns and effects from the previous drum sound in them......but how do i get rid of them......all i want to do is use ultrabeat as a clear platform to load my samples into them, how can i clear the presets???.....i dont want to use any of logics built in drums or patterns i just want a clean slate to use my drum sounds.....it sounds so easy but i have been struggling for so long thanks to the detailed and helpfull logic manuals!!......its driving me mad and im considering just buying i drum or fxpansions vst wrapper and using my old and much loved free vst drum machine!!.....but i dont really wanna fork out £50 when im ment to have this 'fantastic' new drum machine from logic...
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What do other people think of ultrabeat by the way??......should i keep on trying or are there any free AU drum machines out there that are worth a look....what everyone else using just to lay down beats and patterns??....it seems to me that Apple instead of trying to simplify the plug in market with the introduction of Audio Units they have just gone and added another option to the already full list....and providing fxpansion withalot of income from the sales of the vst wrapper!!!
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