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Filter certain midi inputs

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Hi guys! My midi controller has been having some hardware issues with its faders and CC74 and 80 have been sending continuous ghost signals. I'm wondering if there is a way to filter out these signals and let my keyboard midi data through.


I've tried using the midi filter function but the problem is, I have a nanokontrol 2 connected and I need midi data from it. Is it possible to filter control signals from just 1 midi controller?


Hope its not to confusing! Any help will be welcome!

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Sure - if you just want to filter out a few CC's from one particular MIDI input port, probably the best way is to put a transformer object between the MIDI input object (from the port you want to filter on) and sequencer object in the Environment's Click & Ports layer.


Set the transformer (or multiple transformers) to filter out the MIDI CC's you don't want, and pass everything else through.


You're basically just patching in a simple MIDI processor on the MIDI data coming in from that port before it gets passed to the sequencer part of Logic.

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