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uber newbee : grab track view with wheel is reversed


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hi guys,


uber newbee here, and im coming from long time Cubase.


How can i drag the main project window like in other DAWs? (same goes for piano roll)

Normally this would be to hold the middle wheel, and drag around.


In Logic, this works in the opposite directions, and is useless (to me).

So i drag left, and the screen goes to the right, up and down are also in reverse...super wierd

And this has nothing to do with the "natural" setting in mouse settings, i tried everything.


It works with holding CTRL+SHIFT and then mouse-click-drag, but again in the wrong vertical direction (+ plus im a lefty, so the shortcut is on the wrong side of my keyboard)


I have a separate trackpad, this 2 finger drag works perfect if i set the pad to "natural" in settings.

But with the mouse wheel drag, i cant change this scroll direction.

I cant use the trackpad all the time because of RSI, i really have to use a mouse.


Anybody have a solution for me? Am I missing something?


Does anybody know how this wheel-drag thing is called, so i can search better? Maybe even change the short cut?


I tried SteerMouse and ScrollReverser but i dont get it. Nothing works.


Please help me! Im loosing my mind :)

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Go into your Apple Menu then System Preferences and select Mouse. In the Point & Click tab click on the first option Scroll direction: Natural.





Sorry, I have just now spotted the line in your post that says the Natural setting doesn't work. It changes directions for me. I think the term you are looking for when you say wheel drag is scroll.


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yeah its so wierd, changing "natural" should work. Its works with normal scrolling of numbers, mix knobs etc and scrolling the screen op and down and scrolling with holding shift. Thats all fine.

what i need is to grab the whole screen and move it around.

i made a quick youtube of what i need.

just to be clear, in both videos i ONLY hold the MIDDLE MOUSE and drag the screen. So no modifier keys.


-this is how it looks in Cubase:

see how fast this is? i just grab the screen and throw it around. Its very direct and FAST.


-and here is the reverse in Logic:

it looks good, but im moving the mouse in the wrong direction lol

there is also a wierd delay in the grabbing/dragging of the screen in Logic, it goes slow first and then fast.

This is something i could get used to..but the wrong direction is super counter productive to me.

Again to be clear, this all works very fast and direct on my track pad in Logic, just like Cubase.


-Also, I just found this post: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=83

I think the term they use what i am talking about is called SURFING?


-Its all a bit confusing...to my understanding there are 2 ways to "grab scroll" your screen:


2. just hold MOUSE WHEEL



So...how can i grab the screen and make it fast?

Im also trying to work with mouse and trackpad at the same time...super confusing haha

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I think this is a case of Apple designing with their own hardware in mind. (I assume your wheeled mouse isn't from Apple.) For those of us using the Magic Mouse, what your video shows in Cubase is what happens in Logic when you simply move your finger around on the touch surface of the mouse. However, the cursor just stays still as you do it, so it doesn't feel so much like "grabbing," but rather moving the window content around behind the cursor. I would guess it's the same as the two-finger trackpad action.


Incidentally, when I do the "surfing" thing with CTRL-SHIFT (which I didn't even know about before this), the movement seems natural to me, not reversed. When I move the mouse to the left, the window content scrolls to the left. Have you tried holding down your "normal" mouse button (i.e. left button for righties) with CTRL-SHIFT instead of the wheel? That would be the normal way to do it, since the Magic Mouse doesn't have a middle button or wheel.

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I think you are right...im ordering Apple Mouse now to see how it feels. never tried it because of the weight and batteries. (im using a super light wired mouse because of RSI problems)


The trackpad works really well, so if the Apple Mouse is the same, its probably good!


thanks man

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Ah yes I see what you mean WenDeMan. It very well may be an Apple mouse issue as this works for me using the Magic Mouse. Also changing the Natural setting does change the direction of the scrolling. I can understand you wanting to use a lighter mouse with an RSI so it's unfortunate that the problem seems to be the mouse that you're using.



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