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How to boost the low-mids of my track?

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Hi forum, I'm working on a instrumental rock piece and after checking with Izotope's tonal balance control my low mids are lacking and hi mids are too much, not sure how to fix this, does the problem lie with instrumentation? eq? compression?


Here is the piece; https://soundcloud.com/narratedyowl/electric-guitars-drum-kit-instrumental-rock


Thanks for taking the time!

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my 2 cents (or whatever the equivalent amount is in 2020):


the mix is overcompressed; the guitars could use less upper-mids, and the drumkit... more low-mids. but also... trust your ears, not just izotope's (excellent) plugin. compare it to other's music, sometimes a good way to get perspective.


the instrumentation is fine, just get the eq warmer, deeper, less brittle... compress the bass, don't overcompress the final mix.but again, trust your judgement; it's art, and rules are (often) boring...

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