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Part of My audio is being Sped up.


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Hello, I was just recording an intro to my podcast, and like always I speak into my microphone to make sure it is working, and do a playback. Everything was fine. I then recorded the intro which was about 10 minutes long and I was watching the time and it was all fine. After I was done and hit stop, the audio files shortened significantly and sped up SO fast. Like chipmunk sounding. I got concerned and listened to another podcast I did a few days ago, and the beginning of the podcast is exactly the same. During that interview though, my airpods pro died and when that happened I started a new line of audio. That line is completely fine though? I REALLY need the beginning of this interview and I have tried everything to slow down the pitch, and nothing works.

My smart tempo settings say, " Keep Project tempo" and both options for flex and follow are set to off. I tried changing those and nothing happened. I also tried to manually slow down that portion and it wouldn't work. I'll do anything to get this audio fixed.


For a moment I thought it was my airpods but I have recorded my interviews this way for a long time and nothing happens. Can anyone help me A) Figure out why this is happening, and B) fix the two pieces of audio I just recorded? I'll do anything.


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Yeah, I would recommend avoiding wireless headphones for recording purposes.

Stick with wired headphones.

If you never had issues before, you were lucky.


Regarding your sped up files, either the project or the airpods were at a different sample rate setting.

If you want to rescue that file, you can PM a dropbox link with the project and I can try to fix it.


P.S: Please don't double post. Bump up the original thread if no one replies.

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Okay sorry about that, will do for the next time! Yes I have officially switched to wired headphones since the incident. I came to the conclusion it must be a different sample rate but it just wasn't working with my skill level.


I would love to dropbox you the file, thank you for the offer. I will get that to you now,

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