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Setting up a mini template within a project

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Sorry for the vague title. Here’s my question.


I always seem to have three or four of the same percussion tracks in a lot of different projects. They are native plugins and third party Plugins. Each track has eq, and a few different effects.


I tried making and saving a track stack as a summing older and as a track stack. This didn’t seem to work the way I hoped.


Is there a way to save a bunch of tracks with specific settings and just import or drop them into any project?



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You can save channels and whole track stacks as Patches to the library.


When it "didn’t seem to work the way I hoped", what do you mean?


The other alternative is to include those tracks in your startup templates, so when you create a new project, all those tracks, instruments and effects are already there ready to start work - this is after all part of the point of having startup templates...

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I have templates with many different combinations of instruments etc for different genres. Rock band, synth song, film score, and I try to keep them having only what I usually need to keep them from becoming unruly behemoths.


But sometimes I’d like to drop in my percussion section of my film score template into the rock template. This would be four tracks.


I made a .cst Of a summing stack and tried to reload it into a different Project but it wouldn’t load. I tried to drag and drop it into the tracks area of the arrange window. Clearly I don’t know what to do there :)


If it’s easier to just have a massive template then I’ll do that. No big deal but I was hoping to make some templates ‘modular’ is that makes sense.



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