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How to move an aux track into a track stack in the mixer?


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Hello everyone.


In my attached screenshot I have created a Bass summing stack with three bass instrument tracks inside it.


The aux track named Bass D#, is part of a multi output instrument. I have created a track in the tracks area for it and dragged it into the Bass summing stack. All good except that in the mixer, it appears after the instrument track called Sine DNA, which is a completely separate track and not part of the Bass summing stack.


Is there another way I can move the Bass D# aux track into the Bass summing stack to get it to display correctly in the mixer, or is this some sort of bug?




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Have you tried moving it in there in the main window tracks area?


(Right-click on the aux channel and choose Create Track if there isn't a track for that channel already).


(Note: you can't really move tracks in the mixer at this time - it's not a bug, just a limitation...)

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Hi des99.


I already did that. It’s already part of the Bass summing stack. It opens and collapses with the other tracks in the stack as expected, but for some reason it shows up on the right hand side of the Sine DNA track (which is not part of the Bass summing stack) in the mixer.

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