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Modulate pitch in Alchemy


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I'm trying to follow a synth tutorial where they modulate pitch (min 4

). I'm doing it using Alchemy.


It looks like there's no single single pitch knob but two Coarse and Fine tune knobs. I tried modulating voice A's Coarse knob using its Envelope, following the tutorial, but the pitch bend doesn't work as in there. I tried changing the Depth and creating a new envelope (e.g. AHDSR2) but I can't make it work:




Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thank you!

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I was doing exactly as you say. Just realized that my problem was that the attack was way too short compared to the tutorial, and Alchemy's envelope UI was not great at showing me the attack seconds. Was able to solve it by turning the attack way up.


Thank you David! This forum is great!!!!

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