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Sync mix and automation edits across 2 version of an arrangement


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I have a 5 minute club edit of a track I want to now edit down to a 3 minute radio version. During the rearranging of the track its likely I will make mix edits to it which I will want applied to the Club edit version also. Would the easiest way be to just move the original arrangement of the track to the end of the Arrangement window and then use the Arrange Markers to copy sections of if to the beginning of the timeline in order to create the new Radio edit? And thus all mix plugin edits will also be applied to the original arrangement (would Arrangement Markers reflect Automation edits back to the original arrangement sections also?). Or is there a way to have mix edits sync across project Alternative?



Edit; I tried this. I have a bunch of automation data on buses. I figured all my automation data would move along with the Regions when i moved it forward further down the Arrangement window but of course I forgot about the Arrangement Data on the buses. Is there any way I can highlight all Regions and all Bus automation data at the same time?

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Thanks. But dont these Edit > Cut/Insert Time functions just have the same functionality of the Arrangement Markers? ie they just copy regions and data from one place to another. I was hoping for a way to sync automations between regions so that when i make automation edits in the Club Edit, they are reflected in the Radio edit also
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