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Strange Drum Machine Designer in 10.5

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Hi all. I was just trying my hand at using the Quick Sampler last night and converting spliced samples to a Drum Machine Designer track. It is incredibly efficient, I can't believe how simple it is. I'm just wondering if anyone else has witnessed this behavior:


When I create a drum machine track and click on the drum machine as a whole, I can play with my midi controller, everything sounds normal. However, if I expand the drum machine and want to tweak specific tracks that house the individual samples, when I click on the individual track the sample seems to be pitched way down, so I'm not hearing what the sample sounds like when I click on the main drum machine track, anyone else noticed this and know whats going on? Thanks!

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When you play through the DMD interface or while the track stack header is selected, then one and only one pitch from your keyboard is routed to the sub track with the quick sampler instance. If you select a sub track header and play your midi keyboard then you are bypassing the DMD and going straight to quick sampler. My guess is they in that case you can play different pitches on the keyboard and it will be pitched up or down from where the sample was actually sampled. You can probably change a setting in quick sampler to not transpose playback in quick sampler but I’m not that familiar with it to give you exact instructions
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