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Is an i5 core enough on a 27" iMac to run logic?


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I'm seeking advice--preferably from experience--on iMacs. I own a 2014 macbook pro (16 gb ram, i7 core) and I'm going to upgrade to an iMac. Provided there's enough ram (and if there isn't--i'll upgrade), would a i5 core be good enough to operate Logic? Or would there be system overloads... maybe the computer could only run logic and nothing else at the time... issues, etc.


I get the idea that i7 or i9 would be definitely more preferable but if anyone has experince i'd be grateful to hear :)

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Im running an i5 core just fine. Only rarely does a system overload occur and most of the time, since my music is all instrument recorded with only the drums being fake, it barely make a dent in CPU usage. Sometimes up to 20 tracks at a time. The more midi instruments and internal synth beats you add the more it taxes the system.
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I too have an i5 27”

I have 24 gigs of RAM.

Rarely if ever do I have a cpu issue.

If you did have a massive project that overloads you can always freeze tracks. And many other ways to limit overloads.


I also run everything on SSD drives (internal for the system and one external for Hollywood orchestra Diamond which is a resource hog)

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