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Logic Pro 6.4 Installation question


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I've bought Logic Pro 6.4 (to stay in step with my keyboard player until he goes up to 7.x) but my M-Audo 1814 FireWire interface hasn't arrived yet. I read the manual and it seems to say that I should wait to get that interfaces drivers installed etc. before installing Logic Pro - did I get that right? The only other item I'm going to have running off of my Mac Powerbook is the external harddrive and, later, some powered monitors all coming out of the interface. Tech Spec - its a 1Ghz PowerPC G4 (3.2), 1Gb RAM running OS X 10.3.9. I intend to take Logic Pro up to 10.4.3 asap.
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Thanks for that info. I finally installed Logic, upgraded to 6.4.3 and went to OS X 10.3.9. In the Logic installation guide it says in 3.2.1 Demo Songs Installation to copy the "Demo Songs" folder from the CD onto my hard disk. I don't see this anywhere on the 3 disks that came with the product and I trust the seller that those are all the disks he got. Could the manual be out of sync with the product or ??
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