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The mystery of the missing project


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Last night I fired up an old project. Logic told me I needed to resave it as a Logic 10.5 project, which I did. Did some work, hit save, went to bed. I definitely saved it - I even bounced down some audio to the 'Bounces' folder and imported it back into the track.


Let's call the files 'OldProject' and 'Oldproject - lpx'


Today - schrodinger's project! It's not in the 'Recents' menu when I open Logic. It's not in finder either - only 'Oldproject' is there. There's nothing in the 'Bounces' folder from last night. Nothing on my time machine.




Right click on the Logic icon in the dock..... and there it is! 'Oldproject - lpx'! Left-click to load the project? No dice.

Then, right click on the Logic icon again, and select 'Show all windows' - it's there again, but where all the other projects have a little screenshot thumbnail, this one just has the Logic logo.


Has anyone come across this before? Could my hard drive be corrupted? It was only a couple of hours work but I'd rather not lose it!


Thanks in advance :)

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It's not in that location! In the folder, there is only 'Oldproject', and no evidence that 'Oldproject- lpx' ever even existed. The audio that I bounced out last night isn't there either, and if you look by 'last modified', finder says there has been no activity since 2015.


The only evidence that it did exist, is found by right-clicking on the Logic icon in the dock, where it's listed as a 'recent project'. I'm flummoxed.


I even recorded some audio in from an external synth.


I wondered if I might not have read/write permissions on that folder for some reason, but it isn't that. It also isn't in the Trash... :?

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