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Output higher than input??

Pauly 6 String

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Hello. I'm getting a situation where my output (USB17/18) is a much higher level than my input and seems to be limiting after 5 seconds on its own.


I have an AxeFX into an XR18 coming into MainStage at -12dB outputting around 5dB higher. Then 5 seconds later I hear a click and the output level is reduced to match the input.


Any idea how/why this is happening? I don't have any plug ins on the input or output strips.



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Good to see that your problem was resolved. I assume you had longish reverbs and/or delays with the AxeFX? That's the only reason I can think of as to why changing the Silence Previous Patch setting fixed things.


Currently it is just a practice concert where I have a dozen or so guitar patches that use external MIDI to select my presets. I also have channels for my iPad, laptop, metronome etc.


There definitely was a strange sound related to reverbs etc. that would sound during preset switching and that’s gone now as well.

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