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logic pro 10.4 no longer available

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After a long hiatus I want to get back to recording. I have an older version of logic 9. I upgraded my 2009 Mac Pro to run High Sierra and now Logic 9 doesn't work. No problem-I was planning to purchase LPX anyway. But now Apple only offers 10.5 which won't run on High Sierra. I'm stuck in the middle.

Does anybody know where i can get an older version of 10? Apple support said it was originally released on discs.



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When you download it from the App Store, it will give you the latest version that works on your machine - 10.4.8 in your case.


However, you might need to be on Mojave+ to actually make the purchase, as I think now the App Store won't let people make purchases on older systems to prevent disappointment with people buying software that won't work. So you can always purchase on a different machine, but download on your main machine.


LPX was never released on discs, it's always been App Store only.

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Thanks for the suggetion. I'm kinda desparate.


I can borrow a mini that runs Mojave but would it not just download the latest version and not even offer me 10.4.8?


And if purchased on the Mini, how could i get it to download on the Mac Pro?

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Well just stop the download if it starts automatically.


It's not like you only get one download - once you have made the purchase you can download when and wherever and how often you want... Maybe if this is the first time you've ever made an App Store purchase on any of Apple's platforms you didn't realise this, perhaps?

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Cool, but if it starts to download the 10.5 version and I stop, would it let me download 10.4.8 when I move to the older computer? Or might it say something like this computer doesn't support this app and disallow the download?
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