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Issue with timing/sync after exporting stems and importing into a different DAW


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I am doing some music collaboration with a buddy from a different state. I use Logic Pro, he uses Ableton. I exported the individual stems of the song from Logic. When he imports them into Ableton, the timing is way off. What is the proper way i should export my stems so that when he imports them, he doesn't have to mess with lining/syncing up everything so he can help me with the mixing/mastering/adding other tracks?
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How did you export them?


I used File>Export>All Tracks as Audio Files.


There is a setting that says "Range" with 3 options:

1. Trim silence at file end

2. Export cycle range only

3. Extend file length...


Wasn't sure which one to use, I believe I chose the first option. Could this be why?

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