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Best method for making simple one bar loop....

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So, I’m planning to move on and program some drums for the first time - something simple, four beats 4/4 with some syncopation between those four beats. Is the new Drummer the place to do this in Logic?


Just to throw out a question that should maybe be asked elsewhere but....I want to make a Bo Diddly beat with the drums - this sounds nothing like a 4/4 beat to me but google searches are saying this is actually a 4/4 time signature????? I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with this beat and it’s been used on a million hits (Rollling Stones “Not Fade Away” , George Thorogood “Who do you love” - would you agree that is a 4/4 time signature... I’m not hearing it? Wether or not it’s 4/4 signature will be important to me for what I have in mind.

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Yes it's 4/4 and no don't use Drummer, just program your beat in the Step Sequencer. So:

1. Create a software instrument track.

2. Choose a drum kit in the Library.

3. On the track, control-click and choose Create Pattern Region.

4. In the Step Sequencer, program your beat.


I recommend you slow down the tempo at first.

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Thanks a million for that David. Still having a hard time on the 4/4 thing listening to that beat and people on google stating that’s the time signature, but coming from you I’m sure they are correct now - I’ll get my head around it eventually.....the joys of being musically clueless!
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