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join midi take folders graphical/functional bug?


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to recreate bug:

Record a few takes of some midi over a few bars to create a midi take folder with at least two takes in it.

open the folder to reveal both takes so you can see whats going on better.

Use the scissors or marquee to cut the take folder in half.

use "Join" (command J) to join the folders back together.

It works, but there is a graphical bug where the second half of the first take disappears in the top row of the take folder (the row showing the active take)

the second half of the first take appears as it should in the the second row.

the second half of the first take is audible upon playback even though it is not showing up in the top row of the take folder.

Also notice the divider lines are still present in the two lower rows. But they are not actually real dividers anymore, just graphical/funtional bug I think.


to workaround:

once you have joined the take folders, use the take folder's pull down menu or a keyboard shortcut to select "unpack to new tracks", then select what you just unpacked with the mouse, use the function "join per track", then right click to "pack take folder".


That workaround would be very easy to execute with a macro were it not for the need to select what you unpacked after "unpack to new tracks".


Anyone have an easier way to get this bug worked around? (at least im pretty sure its a bug)

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