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Bounced project sounds different


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So I usually bounce projects I am working on to an mp3 file to share with friends and get their opinions


After bouncing the tracks, I open the mp3 on my Mac's Music App to listen


It sounds as if the volume on certain tracks in the project have decreased volume compared to when I listen to the project in Logic directly (especially drums and some ear candy sounds that are deep in the mix but I can certainly still hear when listening to the project play back within Logic)


Here are my bounce settings:




If anyone has any insight into what I might be doing wrong I would truly appreciate the advice


Thank you and be well

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Logic does not change levels on single tracks on its own. However, you do have Normalize set to On, which will change the entire mix level from what you heard.


Christian is correct. I would start by turning off Normalize in your Bounce dialog and making sure your mix does not clip in Logic. If you're used to the sound of a clipped mix, normalizing it may throw off the perceived instrument balance and general sound of the mix.


Also, I'd recommend a higher bitrate stereo: 256 or 320 kbps, or even more bettererest: use AAC in stead of MP3 (if your friends playback thingies can handle that codec).



Thank you. I ended up bouncing it as a Wave and switched normalize to "Overload protection only" and the project sounded just like it did in Logic

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