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Bounce In Place to New Track Alternative


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I have recently been getting more into tape saturation plugins, and have run into an issue with using them in Logic.


It began actually with using UA's Studer A800 plugin. The Studer tape machine was designed for multi-track use, and as they say in the manual the magic comes from applying the plugin (or actual machine) to every track. The Studer plugin comes equipped with "gang controls" so that when you adjust a setting on on instance, it applies to all other tracks with the Studer plugin. The only downside here me is my DSP resources. With my Apollo x4, I can only load up so many Studer plugins. If there are 40+ tracks, it involves either lots of bouncing-in-place or exporting tracks.


The other option would be to use a different tape plugin, and I own Softube's Tape. I don't believe you can "gang control" Softube's Tape. This brings up a tangential feature suggestion for Logic for being able to control group insert settings, which is currently not possible. You can only group control sends.


Now I can put tape across forty tracks, but the BIP options are limited. I could BIP tracks in place which would create new tracks, and then maybe I could hide those. What I am currently doing is exporting all the tracks, and re-importing them to track alternatives, but it is a headache and does not import in the same track order as my Logic session.


If I could BIP to a new track alternative, I could make really clean A/B comparisons of all my tracks with and without the tape emulation bounce. If you agree please send a feature request to Apple! Or, please let me know what I haven't thought of yet :).

iMac 2017 21.5" 16gb RAM

MacOS Catalina 10.15.5

3.6ghz intel core i7

Logic Pro 10.5.1

UA Apollo x4

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