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10.5.1 crashes right away every time!


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It's certainly possible, for sure.


If it's the Pace framework though, it would presumably require plugin updates for *all* plugins that use Pace, as the plugin developers would have to rewrap the plugins with a new version and issue the updates - so it might take a while to fix, unless Apple can implement some kind of safeguard for this in Logic, perhaps...

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ok, great to hear, but for those people wanting to stay on mojave for a while, this suggestion from pace-support (they responded very quickly) helped me getting rid of the constant crashes when opening projects:


download newest ilok package

unplug any iloks

uninstall pace with the uninstaller from this package


install newest ilok version


plug in the iloks

synchronize the licenses from the physical iloks in the ilok manager


worth a try!

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Did you attempt this? Did it make a difference?


I downloaded it and checked it was a more recent version than mine (it was) but I haven't yet installed it.


Remember, I'm not the OP to these threads - I've only had *one* random crash, so even if I did install the new version of Pace, I wouldn't be able to tell you that it's really solved anything here. You need one of the people who was experienced far worse (and ongoing) problems to try it and check, really...

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