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Control Surface Noob - it's not doing anything..!

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Anybody know why my previously working control surface (Korg nanoKontrol Studio) might be no longer talking to Logic?


I've never used one before and got this a while back - went through the install and setup and it was doing everything it was supposed to do in Logic.


In the meantime I had some work to finish and didn't want something I haven't learned yet hanging up my workflow so I unplugged it and carried on.


Now that I've time to learn it - it no longer does anything..! Have restarted the machine and Logic, plugged in before booting, after, during, plugged in before loading Logic, after and during.. nothing, nothing, nothing.


Installing the damn thing took half a day (downloading different 'required' software components etc. and trying to figure it all out) so, I don't really want to start down that road...


Am I missing some check-box or something?



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Hi Eriksimon,

First, thanks so much for taking the time to get back to me on this - with very clear explanation (and pictures too!), I'm very grateful.

Something else must be going on.. tried it a few ways, then even deleted it from Logic and 'midi studio' (in AudioMidi Setup) - but no joy..

Opened the "KORG KONTROL Editor" plugin and it's telling me it's "not connected" - even though it is and all its lights are on...

Noticed this in the manual: "The included USB cable must be used" - surely that must be some manufacturer bullshit..? This unit is second-hand and I'm using the same (non KORG) USB cable I was using when I originally set it up and it was working just fine..


but yeah it seems as if the whole computer isn't seeing it..

tomorrow I'll try a different USB cable (need to find one first!) and report back.


korg.png korg1.png

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Could well be the USB cable, not all USB cables are equal, some are missing connections that are not used is many applications, but that are used in the case of certain MIDI controllers...


I have to say Erik, I had no idea about that. I am making a note of this in case I run into any issues at some point.

Thank you,


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