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UA Arrow vs Apogee Duet w/ Logic Pro X

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Backstory: I typically record stuff at my home studio (Miktek CV4 + Duet2) but I’m currently living at my brother-in-law’s. So I just bought a Neumann TL 103 and a UAD Arrow to use while I’m here (and to add to my gear!).


I got it set up last night, but right off the bat I’ve got a pretty fundamental question after watching the getting started video. I should mention that I use Logic Pro X and I basically just record a track with acoustic guitar and then overlay a vocal.


So here’s a scenario:


Let’s say I’m working on song #1. So I add three plugins to Input 1 in UAD “Control” and record a track in Logic Pro.


Now I record song #2 but use some different plugin situation (maybe a different reverb or something or even just a different reverb configuration).


I quit my computer and come back to Song #1 - how do I match my previous mic/input set up without remembering anything more than input level? (since that’s on a dial, I expect it to be something fundamental) .. Do I need to now save both my song in Logic Pro AND some configuration file for UAD Console and reload it or something?


In UAD Control I have like 5 plugins that came with the Arrow but in Logic I have tons of “sounds”. Are the plugins really SO much better for UAD than the many plugins I have in Logic Pro? For what it’s worth I don’t use many plugins or sounds on my tracks, I generally just go for pretty raw room sounds so this question is mostly for my understanding. I felt a little bamboozled by the plugin “upgrade” thing that happened right when I installed the Arrow software.


I should add that I bought an Apogee One but still have it in the box.. as I was reading about the Arrow, Thunderbolt 3 support / generally positive reviews of the Arrow over the Apogee One (or the Duet) I thought I should give it a try first and then I’d return the One. But now I’m wondering..


Thanks for any advice!

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