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Key signature change effects audio

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A strange thing... When I change the key signature in the list editors, it warps the audio pitch of the lead vocal. Eg. changing key from C maj to A maj (so I can use the score display for a midi keyboard part) pitches down the vocal audio by 3 semitones. But NOT any other audio in the project!


The vocal track has not got flex enabled. It appears to affect the vocal whether or not the channel is selected when I change signature.


I'm pretty sure that changing key signature is only supposed to affect display of midi notes only?


I set up a new blank project to try and replicate the effect but I can't - so far it's only happening in one project I'm working on - any ideas what's causing it?

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Yes I thought it might be corruption, but not encountered it before. A fresh project sounds like a good idea, thanks for the reply.


Interestingly - the vocal pitch shift is pretty successful, much less glitchy than flextime and much less laborious than the time and pitch machine... whatever the corruption is has created quite a powerful tool, if it were to be controllable!

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Hi, here it is. No change I can see in the inspector when it transposes.


After the key is changed the audio plays back fine on first play, but if you hit play a second time from the start of the region, it's transposed. I'll do a screen recording to demonstrate...


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Thanks David, yes that fixed it! I didn't think to try that as I haven't changed the tempo!


I had no idea that the key signature would affect audio through a function related to tempo - I haven't seen a mention of this before - only that changing the key sig affects apple loops and midi display. So 'follow tempo' basically treats the audio region as a kind of apple loop then?


Also I've read that 'follow tempo' only appears in the inspector for regions recorded in that current project, however in my current project 'follow tempo' appears in all the vocal tracks which were imported from my collaborator's Garageband project, and most of the audio regions I've recorded straight into the logic project don't have 'follow tempo' in the inspector (but do have 'flex'). I'm a bit confused about when this feature is supposed to show up now!

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