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Recording audio is low


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Alright so whenever I attempt to record audio with my mic the volume always seems to be much lower than pretty much any other track on my project. My dry vocals seem to peak at around -24db. The way to increase that for me is to raise the gain within within Logic using the EQ, and I sometimes need to turn it all the way up to get my vocals to sound more audible. I can take dry vocals with normal fader positioning peaking at -32db and bring that up to -8db by pulling the EQ gain all the way up. I can get the peak higher if I turn my interface gain up as well, but I just want to know why my dry audio output is so low... is there something I'm overlooking? its quite frustrating that I get better audio levels using the built it MacBook mic but using my studio microphone is a different story. I would really appreciate some help.

2019 MacBook Pro, version 10.14.6

Logic Pro version 10.5.1

AKG P220 Microphone

XLR cable

Komplete Audio 2 Interface

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