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Registry Error Issue


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Hey guys


I'm having a really frustrating issue with Logic - Up until last week Logic was working fine but since the latest Catalina and Logic Pro X update which seemed to have coincided at the same time, I can't open Logic.


When I do, it endlessly loads with the colour wheel and the Logic pop up says ' updating information about audio unit plug-ins..'


It opens maybe 1/9 times and when it does, I am unable to use my Scarlett 2i2 USB interface. e.g One of the few times it did open, I opened up a project which I was working on. I plugged in the Scarlett but a pop up came up saying 'Initializing Audio Unit' which just stayed there frozen.


The issue isn't the Scarlett as it works fine in Garageband and I'm not having any problems with Garageband.


I have reinstalled Logic and restarted my Macbook Pro a number of times and have reinstalled iOS at the advise of Apple Support however no fix


I deleted all third party plugins however I'm still getting this issue. Is anyone familiar with this issue and are able to help? Any help is appreciated!

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I did come across this thread and deleted the audio caches - Logic did open and scanned plug ins however I'm still having the same issue. After the plugins scans, it will tell me there is 1 unstable plugin where either I can click continue or to to plug in manager to see what the plug in is - either option I click on it just freezes. Then on the off chance Logic does start up, I still can't seem to use my Scarlett interface as it just freezes up
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Try looking in the Console to see if you can identify the plugin concerned. Alternatively move them all [to say a folder on the desktop] and see if that allows you to start Logic normally if so then start adding them back ½ at a time until you hit the problem again: keep track of what gets added when and when you hit the problem you know that its in the last batch you added so remove ½ of them if you don’t have the problem still then it’s one of the lot you just removed, if you do it’s the ½ lot you didn’t remove. Repeat this With the suspect group until you find the one that causes the issue.
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