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Merge 10 different Logic projects into ONE


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Greetings dear friends,


I have one question that I could not find a good answer on the interwebs, so here I am asking you guys.


I have like 10 projects, songs, that I would like to ¨merge¨ (I would like to use a better word, but that´s the only one that crosses my mind) into a new project that I would call a ¨album¨.


I´ve tried to import, but it imports to from my bar 1 onwards instead of doing it in the point I want.


I´ve tried to select all the tracks between the markers and paste it, but it does not paste my time/key chages


The tracks have no automation, in a matter of fact if I could ¨paste it¨ with all the tempo changes in new tracks my job would be done, because I would assign the new track material in the tracks I want manually.


any ideas???


thanks in advance

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I want to do this because I'm still composing and it's easy going back and fourth when the ideas come without opening different projects.


anyway my solution was: copy and paste the time markers, then select the global interval, copy and paste.

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