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Alchemy - sample choking query


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Hi All,


I am attempting to build a drum kit out of my own samples in Alchemy.

I have an open and closed hi-hat imported into two sources that I wish to set up to choke- that is the closed hi hat would cut off the sound of the ringing open hi hat.

I can't seem to work it out.


Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.




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If you're talking 'Sources' (of which there are 4) I don't _think_ you can setup a choking function between Sources. But there are ways you can fudge it


- Load the samples you want to choke into another Source and set the Voices to 1 (so only one sample from that source will play at a time)

- Select the samples you want to choke in the Source Sample Edit window, right-click and select one of the Group options (Assign to current or Assign to new Group) and set the polyphony to that group, in the Poly column, to 1.)


Hope that helps a little!

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