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Setting up Multi Mode for BBC Synphony Discover


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I just received the BBC Discover instrument from Spitfire Audio

and it's pretty awesome. Anyway, I'm having trouble setting it

up in Multi mode so that I can separate all the string instruments

(violin 1, violin 2, cello, bass).


In the pics below, I have selected multi mode and then I clicked the

+ sign to add a channel but what's next?


I have a string arrangement I composed on the first track with

an instance of BBC on it and my goal is to separate the low notes,

high notes mid range notes, etc...and paste them into multi outputs

for greater control of each sound.





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Its a bit of a deep topic. I recommend you do some searching around on this forum for a while to learn about multi-timbral instruments and how to use them. You have selected the multi-out audio version of the BBC plugin, but you still have to setup your tracks as multi-timbral tracks, of which there are 3 or 4 different ways to do that.
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Probably the easiest way to try it is use The new tracks wizard...create new track with the wizard, and there is a checkbox for multi-timbral where you can create up to 16 multi-timbral tracks to one instrument plugin... try that first...




Once you do that you will see 16 tracks...with midi channels 1-16 and you will see one single instrument channel with your plugin instantiated just once. That is where you then click the + button to add the audio outputs, and you have to configure BBC itself inside itself to listen on the different midi channels and route the audio to the extra audio outs...

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