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Channel strip settings not saving


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Yeah, but for the one on the left the volume slider wasn't correct. It's not a big deal because I figured out how to make presets for each plugin, and just copied those over, but I'm concerned about down the line if this becomes an issue. I'm also worried this is indicative of a bigger problem with the software.
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The volume fader position (and pan knob position) is not saved with a channel strip setting. On the other hand I'm not sure what went wrong with your output channel strip setting, it should definitely recall the plug-ins.


I recommend you consider using Patches rather than channel strip settings. You can save patches in the Library clicking the Save button.

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Ok thanks David. It seems it's only doing it with that one, so I am able to recall other saves ok. Still learning. On the other hand, in my new template the audio does not sound the same at all. When I plug files into audacity to check the needed levels for my audiobook like RMS, gain and so on they are all off. I thought I was good with the settings, but guess not..
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