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Fast Scanning Track Icons.

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As I'm getting older my visual scanning speed is going dooowwwwwn. If I look on a shelf with 29 objects looking for the one microphone, it take maybe 1 -2 seconds instead of the maybe half second twenty years ago. So scanning the edge of my project for "Which is the guitar ?" Becomes more of an interruption.


So I made a very simple, TWO LETTER per color block BIG LETTER custom icon sheet in Keynote, Apple's free slide production program. You can screenshot chunks and easily import. Only need to import once to make it available for future.


All the icons are on one slide/page in a Keynote file, and it's all unlocked, you can change colors and labels. Free.


Below is a screen shot, but of course this is just a simple graphic and won't be easy to modify. Feel free to use as is if you don't want to customize.




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Here is a easier to use, separate icon version with 4 basic icon groups. GT DR KB VO plus generic non-group CUE and DEPREC (X) ; DEPREC is meant to be a grab bag of ? trax.


I'm finding it much faster to recognize what's where, I can see from peripheral vision "there's an opened stack of guitars." LogicFastScanIcons-v1.0.zip


I've found it seems to accept TIFF files better.


The first version in previous post is customizable , use a screen capture Cmnd-Shft-4 to outline and then convert to TIFF . Default will be PNG which my 10.5.1 won't accept correctly.


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Here's version 1.1 , I added

LP icons/ group icons for LOOPS

PC icons/ group icons for PERCUSSION

BG for bass guitar

ST for strings

HR for horns

AU for found sounds, snippets from movies etc.


I changed the Guitar color ( this is all configurable by you in free Keynote app) to an aqua because it's a cool color and I wasn't using it.



I can do the pre-extracted ones in the right image format if someone asks.


I'm delighted to see some people are trying it out, I've become dependent on the system, can't deal with looking at a tiny guitar image and thinking "is that a bass or a guitar?" and wasting 2 seconds which interrupts my flow.


I'm doing this in combination with

-- currently worked on tracks moved to top of screen,

--HIDING "WTF is THAT?" tracks that I don't remember recording and tracks with cool ideas that I need to defer working on until I get core of song done BEGIN TO END lozllz



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These are altered versions with a black bar and an X.


I use these for old tracks that I'm not using but not sure about deleting yet. Hoarder lol.




The zip has TIFF versions that should work in Logic .


If someone wants the Keynote versions for mods, just reply here and I'll post. It's all free.


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I'm still getting confused!1548670471_ScreenShot2020-07-30at11_40_22AM.thumb.png.30556b9d8b0aafbce8fcaf9723c82173.png I can see three guitar tracks , but where oh where in my brain does it say WHICH ONE IS RHYTHM/FUZZ/SOLO blah blah


So for most common frequent items ( except strings and horns for real composers) GT, VO, PC, KB there are numbers 1-4

drums already have four icons BD SN OH-L and OH-R. If anybody wants other ones, just post, making these is great entertainment for me!


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