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Vienna Ensemble launches at Logic startup


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Every time I launch Logic Pro, Vienna Ensemble Service attempts to launch even when I don't have the license key plugged in. This is frustrating because I have to manually tell Vienna to cancel the search for the key, and close it down. This also gets Logic stuck on "Scanning Audio Units (finalized 0 of 1)", and will never finish because it can't access Vienna without the key, so I have to manually abort the scan.


I realize this is a pretty minor issue, but it occurs every time I open Logic and I would save lots of time if I didn't have to go through 3 dialogue boxes before being let into the program.


Is there a way to tell logic not to communicate with Vienna Ensemble unless I actually load the instrument into my project?


Thanks much

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Not sure if my issue is your issue. I deleted some plug-ins from components, and deleted Logic's two plists.. When Logic boots up is scans for the deleted AU's. Also, SOMETIMES when I boot up logic (set to open last project), it will get one channel strip wrong, Not always the same channel strip, but it loads in IK multi-media MODO Bass.


Logic pauses on the missing AU's for about 8 seconds, then moves, on, and project opens.

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