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Logic Pro X 10.4.8: How to use Arrangement markers with tracks that overlap sections?


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Hello group,


I'm newish to Logic Pro ( 3 months ), so looking at the value of using Arrangement markers in my songs.


My main reason for using the Arrangement markers are to ensure the timing of the track parts ( drums, percussion, vocal, piano, etc. ) all remain aligned the same in each Verse, Chorus, and so on.


What if I have tracks that overlap sections?

For example, in one song the Verse vocal transitions into the Chorus vocal so there's overlap. IF I use the Arrangement markers then what do I do about the track overlapping both sections? Does it get split into both Verse and Chorus sections?


If I decide to duplicate a verse using the Arrangement marker, then what about the overlapping vocal track ( or any track that's in both sections )?


Once I've added Arrangement markers, can I delete the marker without deleting the tracks below it? My research is that you can't delete the Arrangement marker but can "Suspend Content Connection" https://support.apple.com/en-ca/guide/logicpro/lgcpf7c0a3d7/mac

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