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Live Loops, Novation Launchpad, Drum Machine OR convert DMD to sampler


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Hello, new here with my first post. Thanks for the great Help here.


I have a problem with DMD tracks in Live Loops with my Launchpad. If a project contains a DMD track, my Launchpad cursor, that should show the active cell, starts jumping down several tracks on the launchpad display whenever I go down one track with the arrow keys of my keyboard.


After fiddling around a little more, I realized my Launchpad is jumping down exactly the number of rows that DMD has subtracks for instruments.

If I use sampler as instrument and load up the previously used kit in it, I have no subtracks and everything is working fine.


Is there a way to use DMD without subtracks? I would be fine if I could tweak DMD within its UI and have no need for the separate mixer channels.

I read a post somewhere here, where someone accidentally put together a DMD kit without subtracks


If not, is there an easy way to convert an DMD kit (not stock - put together by myself) to a sampler kit?


Or could there be another way around to solve this problem?


Thanks for your help.

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Yes I tried.

If the track stack is folded, the active cell jumps down several tracks to the lower half of the project, if it‘s unfolded the launchpad shows the subtracks for the kick, snare ... but as on the screen, there are no cells in the tracks, the cells are in the Stack Track.

Unfolded, the cell on screen and on the launchpad both are in the same place. But I have no use for this, because the full launchpad display only shows subtracks that way and I don’t want to enable/disable the subinstruments. I think most people only use the subtracks in the mixer for assigning FX or mixing purposes but not for editing midi or giving it its own cells.


I would be happy if there would be a fast way to convert a DMD-Track into a sampler kit without resampling the kit and reassigning/sorting the notes.


Of course it would be better if I could simply use the DMD and the launchpad would work as expected.

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