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Level Meter Opens Blank in Screenset


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Hi all.


Logic 10.4.8


Late 2015 iMac


I've had this issue for well over a year, so I guess it's time to finally try and squash it.


I work with the same screensets that I have used for years. Screenset 1 is the main arrange page, zoomed out, with 2 plug in windows open:


- The Level Meter, in slot 1 of the [Output 1-2] Channel

- The Multimeter in slot 10 of the [Output 1-2] Channel


So when I hit [1] on my keypad, the arrange page opens up, with these 2 plugin windows open along the bottom of the page.


At some point, the Level Meter plugin started opening up blank. i.e. a black box with the standard AU window buttons, but no plug in controls or display.


- If I close the plug in window, and click to re-open it in the channel strip, it remains blank

- If I expand or minimize the interface, it remains blank



Some progress...

- If I expand the interface, and select "Horizontal" (or "Vertical" - i.e. the opposite of whatever is currently displayed) in the display preferences, it reappears

- If I close the LevelMeter, the move it to a different plugin slot, the reopen it, the interface shows as expected

- But in both these cases, if I then switch to a different screenset, then back to screenset [1], the interface returns to a blank box


What might be causing this behaviour with Logic's inbuilt meter plugin? Any clues?


Short of a complete wipe and re-install of Logic, is there anything I can try?



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select "Horizontal" (or "Vertical" - i.e. the opposite of whatever is currently displayed) in the display preferences

Which preference is that exactly? Where do you find that?


I click the little oblong in the top right of the LevelMeter AU container. There is a drop down menu with Controls / Horizontal / Vertical options as well as display size preferences.


As described, changing any of these causes the interface to display. But moving to a different screenset, then back to the original brings up a blank AU container again. It doesn't matter if I try and Unlock / Relock screenset [1] either.

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Oh ok I understand. What if you keep the plug-in headers open in your screenset?


Hmmm... that seems to keep the display showing between screenset switches. Thanks.

Expanded like that it does mean the plugin window is about 40% redundant though!


So is this a bug with the "Show / Hide Window Header" options in LevelMeter?

MultiMeter doesn't exhibit the same behaviour. Peculiar!

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Horizontal / Vertical makes no difference.

Unlocking the screenset and jumping back and forth between different screensets makes no difference.


If the window header is hidden, the container shows up blank.

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If the display is blank, toggling all AU windows with V doesn't make a difference.


Thanks for your help David. I'll report it as a bug. Vertically, the full Au container isn't as obnoxious as the horizontal version, so I'll leave it open and expanded vertically from now on.

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