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I have an AT4047SV and have always noticed that it seemed like a had a higher noise floor than I would like. However, it has started making all kinds of crazy sounds recently and I'm not sure what the problem is. I have uploaded a clip on sound cloud so that you can hear what I'm talking about. If anyone has any thoughts on what could be causing it I would appreciate the help.


Second to this, I'm having a strange grounding issue with an SM57. If I don't touch the chassis of the mic I don't hear any buzzing or if I touch the mic and ground myself with a piece of equipment in line the buzzing goes away. I switched out several cables through my entire system (XLRs, balanced vs unbalanced) and nothing seemed to help.


Mic (At4047SV / SM57) > ART Voice Channel > balanced TRS cable > Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 2nd gen > Mac Mini


Here is the clip of the AT4047 making the noise: https://soundcloud.com/jared-holton/mic-noise


Thank you for thoughts and ideas in advance!

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Also, if this helps give more information regarding the SM57. I plug my guitar DI into the Hi-Z input of the Art Voice Channel to record and do not have a ground hum with the same path replacing the microphone with the guitar. It seems inherent only to that mic. While the AT4047 does have all the other strange noises, I can't hear a ground loop hum with that mic in the same signal path either.
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It still makes the same noise plugged directly into the Scarlett. I’be always turned phantom power on after it is plugged in. I’ve tried different xlr cables that don’t have issues with other sources.


If you have listened to the noise that I posted, there is no room noise that is making that strange noise. To some degree I’ve solved part of my problem with the SM57 by simply not touching the mic and using a stand. Still troublesome why it’s having a ground issue, but when I gain up that mic, there is just normal room ambience and none of the “phantom wind” noises or chirps are heard.

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The test they asked me to do to verify capsule issues is to cup your hands around the mic and perform a long exhale towards the capsule. If the phantom rumbling and noise increases the suggest it is a capsular issue.


Additionally, if you have the means, I would suggest checking to make sure your outlet is properly grounded, try a different xlr cable and if you have one available check a different audio interface to make sure it's not a phantom power supply issue. Unfortunately for me, my mic still has the same issues when changing out all the other components of the signal chain.


Best of luck to you and will let you know how things go if I'm able to get the capsule changed.

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