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Keyboard sending modulation data to Logic


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I have a Kurzweil PC88mx that is sending continuous modulation data whenever I record in Logic. It keep corrupting the project, whereby instruments keep dropping out (although the midi data is still there). I have to keep reloading instruments -- but then other instruments will drop out and have to reloaded again.


I have been working with Apple since March, trying to find out why the instruments keep dropping out. They even sent it to Engineering (at Apple), and they never came back with any advice.


Yesterday, I got a new Special Advisor at Apple who saw that the keyboard was sending out the continuous modulation data. When I would go into Event/Controller, I could delete a full list of modulation data. Once deleted, things seemed to work out better.


So . . . is there a way to have Logic filter out all modulation data?

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Like some humans, mod wheel potentiometers grow erratic with age. My keyboard was built in 1987, and it's an on-going issue. A bad mod wheel usually shows up in the "MIDI Activity (In/Out)" window in Transport, fluttering away when everything should be at rest.


Nicely detailed tutorial by Erik.

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On my aging Kurzweil K2vx it was the Pitch Bend wheel that wouldn't stay put in its centered position, making all my instruments out of tune since that was my main MIDI controller. With the advent of software synthesizers, I ended up getting rid of the K2vx in favor of a "pure" MIDI controller and never looked back. Still it was fun exploring the V.A.S.T. algorithms to come up with sounds! :lol:
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V.A.S.T. Oh, the nostalgic waves that wash over me. The Orchestral ROM... the whopping 16 meg.... the external SCSI Drive.... The boxy, blue LCD that glowed in my studio and said, "All is well..."


Irony: I've considered disengaging the spring on my spring-loaded Pitch Bend and re-rerouting CC 10 to CC1. :D

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