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Duplicate my Stereo Out


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I monitor and mix everything I do through two headphones plugins: A crossfeed plugin from Goodhertz called CanOpener, and Sonarworks' Headphone Reference.


All of my audio runs first to an aux track which is my "Mix Bus", which is then routed to my Stereo Out. I have Reference and CanOpener on the Stereo Out (could equally put them at the end of Mix Bus).


The issue is that both CanOpener and Reference alter the output signal slightly, though they also have adjustable output gain. However, I would like to find a way to not alter the signal at all. So I am curious if there is a way to monitor my audio on a separate aux channel for example, that doesn't affect the Stereo Out. Actually, remember when Doc Brown draws the alternate timeline in Back to the Future II? That's exactly what I want. Just to put the headphone plugins on the alternate timeline.


[Edit} The other reason I would like to do this is that I always want to bounce my audio without the plugins enabled. Having them on a completely separate channel strip would eliminate the need to remember to turn them off.


Thank you!



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So, if I create a send and a new aux, it still needs to output to the stereo out which doubles the signal of the mix bus. I tried outputting to Output 3-4, but didn't hear anything.


What I need is for somehow the send to not go through the real stereo out, and just to my headphones so I can monitor with the plugins.

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