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Assign specific sounds to pads in LPX synths


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I have a MIDI controller with pads (MPC Renaissance) and I would like to create an ambience soundscape with it using Alchemy sounds. Nevertheless, I would like to pick up a few sounds and assign them to certain pads in my controller (or actually vice versa, assign specified pads to control those sounds) - now when I tap those pads, I can not decide what is the pitch of the sound I hear and it is annoying. I know it is possible to change controller mappings in EXS and Drum Machine Designer but I'm wondering if there's any other way to do that.


Also I would like to know if I can somehow utilize ESX sampler to import some other Logic synths sounds there and then change the mappings inside ESX.


I hope you understood my question. Thanks in advance :)

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Which (precise) version of Logic are you using?

IIRW, one could create an Apple Loop or a sampler instrument from a recorded region... I think that was an available function from the contextual menu invoked by right-clicking on the desired region, or from the Logic's main menu > Track > Convert Regions to New Sampler Track...

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My version is Logic 10.4.8.


I tried to convert regions to sample track but the options is disabled so I can not click that. The same applies to every track in my song. I also tried to create a completely new project, record some tracks with a software instrument and then convert to sample tracks but the option was disabled. Maybe there's something wrong with regions, I don't know?


So what should I do to my tracks or settings to be able to do that?

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I think the problem is that the track has to be an audio file, not a software instrument recording. But that's the problem, 'cause I just want to assign normal synth sounds (which I could also modify with Alchemy knobs when playing) to different pads but now I need to first convert the recorded software instrument track into an audio file, then clip the sounds like I want to and then assign the sounds to specific pads in ESX. So the sounds become samples which can not be modified similarly as the synth sounds if you get what I mean.


So is there really no way to change the mapping of controller pads with synths (for example when triggering C#1 in my pads/keyboard it obviously creates C#1 sound in the synth but I want to change it to create G1 rather than the C#1)? Because if not then I guess I just have to do it like described above which takes more time and doesn't feel so natural. :D

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