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Hello. I´m a user of Logic ProX AKAI MPK 25.I have the following problem: I press a key and when I press the following one, the first one doesn´t stop sounding, that is, both sounds overlap. I guess this must have something to do with the configuration of logic pro or the midi template.

Does anybody have any idea of what might be happening?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

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That probably depends on the way the target instrument is set to respond.

I.e. the Quick Sampler has a feature to play the triggerred sample all the way, regardless of the actual length of the sample. To make it play on only during the note (or the pad) is depressed, one has to set it from One Shot to Classic (or Slice). Additionally, other factors could come into play to determine the playback of a note length such as the Amp Envelope, loop setting, etc...

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