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Moving automation by itself


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Hello sound gods,

I have watched several videos on YouTube and read articles online. I have tried doing exactly what’s suggested and it won’t work.


I’ve selected a portion of a solo piano track and moved it slightly forward. Noticing an odd change in the sound I realized it had not moved my pedaling. (It seems to me from the videos I’ve seen that it should have asked me when I moved the notes if I wanted to move the automation as well.)

So I looked it up and figured out how to pull up the Sustain pedal in the automation track, and how to select the area of the sustain data that I want to move, using the Automation Select tool. I’ve seen more than one instruction at this point saying to just click on it and move it forward. I’ve tried that with the Automation selection tool still enabled, tried it with the pointer tool and the finger tool, and nothing will move the automation. I got the finger tool to fudge a couple of the pedal points but that’s it.

It seemed from one video that it could only be done by moving the region.

Honestly I don’t exactly know if this is a “region,” it’s just a selection within one track of piano - which I’ve already moved, I just want to move my original pedaling so it lines up again.


Annoyingly, I’ve done this exact thing before, either in a previous version of Logic, or it might have been GarageBand. So it at least USED to be possible. Any help?


I just wanna send a lady some Brahms for God’s sake.




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That is indeed a problem that seem to have appeared in LPX versions (I think)...


The way I circumvent same is by use of the Event List editor.

There could be other ways (like cutting/moving/joining the region, or Insert Silence at Locators, etc...), but I never bother to really explore and test those thoroughly for their persistent reliability.


So, in the Event List editor, to move a section forward in time:

  1. I select the first event of same.
  2. Select all the following events (via Shift+F key command).
  3. Make sure that all the events (i.e. Sustain) were effectively selected (their line has turned blue).
  4. Then mouse-drag upward on the appropriate/desired position digit number (to scroll-up) to the required value.
  5. If something goes wrong, I simply undo (Cmd+Z), rinse and restart.


That may sound cumbersome, but that works reliably if you first ensured that the region has enough space at its end (by dragging its right edge) to accommodate the last events' new positions.

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