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Microphone stops working the second I start recording?


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I use Logic Pro on a maxed on Macbook Pro 2020. I recorded through Focusrite Scarlet AI, and am currently using an SE X1S Microphone.


I have used this same setup in the past, but the past month I have ran into a major issue. Whenever I try to record, the microphone immediately stops working.


I will have the full thing setup, test my vocals to hear how they sound before recording, and the volume levels will be normal. Then, as soon as I press the record button, right when the vocals are supposed to start recording (not in the 4 beat leadin), the microphone volume completely drops to an extremely loud volume, and the taps on the screen of the microphone are extremely amplified but the volume of the vocals is a good 20 dB lower. If I try to use the microphone after the attempt, it still wont work, in order to get it to work again, I have unplug and replug in the scarlet, shut down Logic Pro, and open it up again and it does the exact same thing.


I am recording with 48v of power from the Scarlet. That's what the SE X1S is supposed to need. I've tried shutting down my computer, using a different cord, the Focusrite is brand new, but I've tried using a different input, I've tried messing around with the dials, I've tried closing out of every other tab on my desktop.


And I can't find anyone else whos ever had this issue! I've I've searched like every forum.



Could anyone offer any help?

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