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Flex moves the track


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I like how you can move the waveforms in Flex pitch. I wanted to line up the harmony vocal track to the main vocal and clean up the pitch, but when I put flex on, the track moves drastically! Anyone know why and how I can fix it?




Look at how far those beginning words moved when I enabled Flex!

Thank you in advance.

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I still don't get it.

The quantize didn't appear in the Inspector until I turned on flex. Then, it was set to Off.

The lower track moves by almost two measures when flex is turned on. Way more than any quantize setting.

Q-Reference is checked. It won't uncheck. I don't know what that is exactly. Could it have any influence?





Even after turning flex off, the track still stayed way out of line. I had to hit Undo Toggle Take Folder disclosure to get the track to move back to its original position.

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