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Lock SMPTE Position BUG MIDI


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hi everybody...


I found a huge bug, which exist for quite long time.. And I would like to know, If anybody noticed the same: When I lock a Midi Region with "Lock SMPTE Position", the whole region moves a little bit... I attached to pictures.. so you can see, what I mean... actually this bug makes this function quite useless, 'cause it makes a big chaos..But it only happens with midi Regions...



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It's not a bug. It is normal, expected behaviour.


By SMPTE-Locking, you're essentially quantising all your events to SMPTE bits, of which are 80 per frame, thus 24 (or 25 or 29.97 or 30) frames x 80 bits = 1920 steps per second. That's one possible position every 0,520833333333333 ms.


Compare this to Logic's internal resolution of 3840 steps per bar or 1920 steps per half bar which at 120bpm lasts for one second which also gives you one possible position every 0,520833333333333 ms.


However, if the tempo is not 120 and/or you start not at a multiple of 0,520833333333333, both grids will differ and that's what you're observing here.

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