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Control CC with VS880


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So I've dusted off the old VS880 and I'm hoping to use it as a CC controller

for volume, Modulation, Expression, etc

(If i could use it for panning and transport that would be great too but I'm not getting ahead of myself)




I read this but I'm unsure if its still valid. I couldn't find some of the settings in Logic 10.5


I have the VS880 hooked up to the mac with an UNO midi interface and I can see that name in some windows in preferences.


I did see a video on Youtube where the guy synced it to Logic 8 so I'm assuming its still possible.


I tried scanning for the device but it comes up empty.



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I've played with the settings on the 880 (midi out etc) and I've managed to assign 880 track one pan to affect the pan on whichever track is selected.


I'm trying to look for modulation etc to be controlled by 880's faders but I cant seem to find that yet.


I also cant seem to assign the fader to anything like I did with the pan knob

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