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Dropouts/Glitches in bounces in Logic X


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Hey all. This is driving me crazy. I am running a MacBook Pro 2.3 GHz Intel Core i9 on Logic 10.5.1.

Recently some of my bounced files from logic are starting to play back with audio glitches and stutters. This can happen either repeatedly at the same spot on some bounces or sometimes on other areas on other bounces. I have tried opening a fresh project in Logic and having just a test tone on one channel with no plug ins in the project at all. This still results in glitches in the played back bounced audio in the file when I play it back using the finder playback by hitting the space bar.

But.,... Weirdly enough doesn't occur when I play back the same file via quicktime.

Its totally halted a recent mastering project for me as I now have an issue where my client is getting audio glitches in the files on their end.

Its driving me mad.

Anyone ??

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